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  1. Simply Measured. One of the standout features of Simply Measured is the ability to track the ROI of Instagram campaigns. With the conversion tracking report, you can finally put a value on your Instagram marketing efforts by tracking the amount of revenue your followers are bringing in
  2. Optimize Your Strategy with Instagram Analytics Measure and enhance your social business strategy with Sprout Social's Instagram analytics suite. Track post performance, trends in hashtag usage, audience engagement and competitor data
  3. The latest Tweets from Simply Measured (@simplymeasured). This profile is no longer active. Instagram is a complete powerhouse amongst rival social networks.
  4. Simply Measured offers a free Instagram report for users with up to 25,000 followers. The stats and insights are presented clearly and will help inform your Instagram posting strategy. The report lets you quickly see what has worked well in your Instagram marketing so you can apply these insights to future posts

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  1. Simply Measured Q3 2014 Instagram Study 5. ACTIVITY Brand Activity Is Being Standardized. A year ago, posting frequency seemed to be spread across the board, with 18-20 brands posting in each of the three most common buckets (less than 10 posts, 10-20 posts, and 20-30 posts per quarter). This is no longer the case
  2. In addition to being able to monitor the number of followers you have on Instagram, Simply Measured does a lot more. They provide a free report that will cover two months of your Instagram's activity, including the engagement rate of your posts
  3. #3: Simply Measured. Simply Measured's hashtag report has three sections: Charts, Scorecard, and Appendix. On the Scorecard tab, get a snapshot of results for the hashtag you're measuring. This data is presented in a way that makes it easy to record the metrics for many hashtags so you can compare performance

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December 8, 2015. Simply Measured studied 2,500 Instagram posts by global brands from the Interbrand 100 list and found that the emoji known as love heart performs better than all other emojis on the platform by a wide margin, averaging more than 120,000 likes and comments per post 52 Likes, 2 Comments - Simply Measured (@simplymeasured) on Instagram: Shoutout to Brittany Reano from @zulily for rolling through and teaching us how zulily approache When Simply Measured carried our research on Instagram usage, they found that 88% 0f brand posts include at least one hashtag and posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than those without Amazing data; Great tool. Simply Measured does a great job of pulling data on owned channels for both your brand and its competitors. It is also one of the few tools able to report on multiple social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram Simply Measured 2015 Instagram Industry Report 2 #SocialAnalytics Methodology This study looks at the Instagram activity of the Interbrand 2015 Best 100 Global Brands. Each year, Interbrand ranks the top 100 global brands based on several factors, including market, brand, competitor, and financial data

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Simply Measured provides an analytics tool for all the social media networks including Instagram.It is a great tool as it offers a wide range of analysis and reports. Among these reports and analysis, some are free while others can be availed after having paid a small fee Simply Measured. Visit the Simply Measured Instagram User Report website (link in Resources) and type your Instagram user name into the provided field. Click Authenticate any Account with Instagram. Sign in with your Instagram username and password. Click Continue and Simply Measured generates a report on your current Instagram metrics Simply Measured found out that posts that used geo-tagging got 79% more engagement than those than did not. Image via Simply Measured If you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, you. 2018-05-08T10:24:18+00:00 Lucy Hitz Blogger Extraordinaire Simply Measured, a Sprout Social Company How to Measure and Benchmark Your Instagram Influencer Program Instagram influencers are flooding the feed, but which trendsetters are the best advocates for your brand

According to Simply Measured, 41% of the top 100 brands share more than 1 photo on Instagram per week. MTV, which Simply Measured ranked as the No. 1 followed Instagram brand account, is less interested in using photo filters on Instagram Simply Measured's study of Instagram found that more than half of companies among the Interbrand 100 (a list of the world's top 100 brands) post at least once per week, and 28 percent post at. Simply Measured did two studies and found that Instagram posts with both hashtags and a location tag get the highest average engagement 6. In other words, hashtags could be your best bet for growing a fast following on Instagram Sources: Instagram Blog and Simply Measured Instagram Brand Adoption Study May 2013 Latest Stats • 130M registered users (+500% since Facebook acquisition) • 16B photos uploaded, 45M per day • 1B likes/day (~12K per sec), 1K comments per sec • Average time spent per month = 257 minutes . Interbrand 100 Social Network Adoption Compariso

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With Simply Measured you can readily rejoice with a lot of Instagram analytics and data. Impressions, reach, engagement rate, saves, video views and carousel data will be at a click away. Impressions, reach, engagement rate, saves, video views and carousel data will be at a click away The statistics from Simply Measured are easy-to-understand and applied to your Instagram posting strategy. Simply Measured recently included statistics for the users' Stories. If you feel like insights stats about Stories aren't enough for a marketer's analysis, now you know the place to go Simply Measured. The tool basically gives you a comprehensive overview of how effective your Instagram efforts are, what you have to change, and what exactly worked and should be repeated in future. Available options: Simply Measured offers a free Instagram report for users with up to 25,000 followers Simply Measured. Simply Measured offers analytics on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube but doesn't offer content management or scheduling components. It is strictly for analytics and is a great tool for an advanced user who is highly focused on the return on investment You can analyze your Instagram content, the interactions generated from your photos and videos, plus details on filter usage. Quintly also covers Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and YouTube. There is a free tool for Facebook analytics and a 14-day free trial for Instagram and others. Paid plans then start from €129/month

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You can also get data on Instagram Stories, including reach, website clicks and more, as well as deep-dive info about your audience, like their location, gender, busiest time of day, etc. 2. Simply Measured . For being a free tool, Simply Measured is pretty thorough. It offers three reporting areas and super deep-dive stats about engagement With Simply Measured Instagram Insights, you can see tap-backs, tap-forwards, exits, replies, and more. To learn which Instagram Stories metrics are must-haves, go here . And you're doing yourself a major disservice, because when you're asked why you are spending so much time on a new channel, you will need to be able to explain your. How do I calculate my engagement rate on Instagram, per post? It's much easier than it looks. Say you have a following of 2,500, your 'engagement' is measured by your likes and comments combined per post, divided by your following

The free Instagram analytics checkup from Union Metrics connects with Instagram to analyze the last 30 days of activity on your account, including your posts and engagement from your fans, to give you key insights into how to improve Simply Measured is the leading social analytics platform used by brands across the globe to quantify performance, determine impact, and derive strategic direction from social media data. With more.

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Wanna shop online with super fast, free shipping? Shop Simply Me Boutique today for classy styles & affordable prices. 10% off for new customers! Everything under $50! Follow us everywhere @shopsimplyme. Shop today. Ships today from Naples, Florida! XOXO This statistic presents a ranking of the countries with the largest Instagram audiences worldwide as of January 2019. During the measured period, the United States were ranked first with 120. In particular, on this page you can verify the overall performance of AgoraPulse (8.9) and contrast it with the overall performance of Simply Measured (8.6). You may also match their overall user satisfaction rating: AgoraPulse (100%) vs. Simply Measured (99%) Simply Measured, A Sprout Social Company. Just as Instagram continues to roll out new features on a regular basis, like the emoji slider, you, too, need to add fresh tools and tactics to your Instagram strategy regularly

All you need to know is how to use hashtags to get followers on Instagram. Instagram is an invaluable tool that should be a major part of your marketing strategy. This social media platform can be used in a multitude of ways, all of which can increase your sales As research from Simply Measured shows, a picture is worth a thousand engagements. Here are 5 Instagram tactics based on research from Simply Measured. Here are 5 Instagram tactics based on research from Simply Measured by creating an account on the simply measured services, you are agreeing to be bound by and are becoming a party to this agreement. if you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not create your account Simply Measured is a featured product in the Instagram Marketing Analytics category.Analyzo has listed detailed information about Simply Measured pricing, plans, comparisons and alternatives Simply Measured offer reports for all the major social networks: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter (including Vine), Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn Google+, Klout and Google+, with promises that Pinterest reports are coming soon

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  1. About the Data: The Simply Measured Q3 2014 Instagram Study looks at the Instagram activity of the Interbrand 2013 Top 100 Brands. Statistics cited in the study are based on data from Q3 2014 (7/1/14 - 9/30/14). All data was analyzed using Simply Measured's social media analytics and reporting platform
  2. Simply Measured is a free report-generating tool for Instagram users. This is ideal for those who have an Instagram business account. This is one of the few Instagram tools that can handle up to 25,000 followers free
  3. The Simply Measured Q3 2014 Instagram Study analyzed the Instagram activity of the Interbrand 2013 Top 100 Brands, ranked at the end of each year based on several factors, including market.

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It's a simple feature that can grow your Instagram engagement rates as well. Simply Measured found out that posts that used geo-tagging got 79% more engagement than those than did not. Image via Simply Measured. If you have a brick-and-mortar location for your business, you should use it to get more publicity too Simply Measured. Simply Measured is another excellent social media platform with social listening, social analytics that include Instagram Stories data, content share tracking and conversion tracking features, all of which can help you keep an eye on your total social media presence, as well as optimize that presence Nov 01, 2012 · And, given Instagram's simple sharing features, brand owners often post directly to Facebook and Twitter from Instagram. 60 percent of Instagram photos, Simply Measured says, are shared to. A study by Simply Measured indicated that posts using at least one hashtag had 12.6% more engagement than those with no hashtags at all. And since your goal is to achieve the greatest engagement with your posts, we created the ultimate guide for using Instagram hashtags

And Simply Measured found that pictures on Facebook are liked 200% more than text Videos Are Shared 1200% More (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram) Pinterest for. Simply Measured Figuring out the best promotional techniques on Instagram will involve a lot of trial and error, but how will you know what is working and what isn't? If you are looking for in-depth analytic feedback, Simply Measured is a great tool

Simply measured is another great tool for Instagram fanatics out there. This tool focuses on providing you comprehensive reporting, analytics and a lot more. It gives you proper stats about the performance of your hashtag campaign Simply Measured looked at every single post made by these 100 brands on Instagram in the last financial quarter, and tracked the engagement (user likes and comments) each one received. That way, Simply Measured was able to tell which brand posting techniques led to the most interactions with Instagram users Simply Measured I love Simply Measured. I think they do an awesome job of sharing actionable social media advice with the world, and I was definitely NOT disappointed by their free Instagram User Analysis Of course, Simply Measured wants you to upgrade to their paid platform for more information (and I'm assuming regular data) so that is always an option. Influencer.db. Updated 6/11/2016. I've added this tool because the Influencer.db platform is designed specifically for Instagram analytics. This is one of the few tools out there that is. Since Sprout's acquisition of Simply Measured in December, we've been hard at work transforming two separate companies into one cohesive brand. Today, we're taking our efforts a step further by truly connecting our social communities

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They also encourage users to engage with your content more; a 2014 study by Simply Measured actually revealed that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag tend to receive 12.6 percent more. The Instagram Account Report of Simply Measured will help you get the clear stats and insights on the number of your posts, types of posts like photo, video, engagement per post, and total engagement This tool is also useful in knowing the number of likes per photo, and how your Instagram post is trending, best days and times for engaging with. Simply Measured Instagram Ebook 2017 Simply Keto Ebook Ebook 2017 Ebook 2017 Download Ebook Sales 2017 Ebook Reviews 2017 Ebook 2017 Free Download Blockchain In Banking: A Measured Approach Faq Instagram Implementing Blockchain In Banking : A Measured Approach Hacer Instagram Instagram Marketing How To Use Instagram For Business Ameet Measured.

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  1. Instagram is worth more than a thousand shares based on Simply Measured research. As content marketing fuel, Instagram provides social media gold. Users share almost 60% of their images on Twitter and 100% on Facebook
  2. According to an Instagram study done by Simply Measured, posts with a check-in location get up to 79% more engagement than posts without one! That's a pretty staggering boost. That's a pretty staggering boost
  3. Of 100 leading brands, 54 have incorporated Instagram, according to Simply Measured, an analytics firm. Here is how you can start using Instagram to market your products and services. Create Account and User Profile. The first step is to create an Instagram account by downloading the Apple or Android app
  4. Top 5 Instagram Analytics Tools for 2017. Simply Measured is the go-to analytics tool of over 100,000 digital marketers and has been vouched for by social media.

Simply Measured incorporates Facebook, Google+, Google Analytics, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, and YouTube. The analytics tool provides benchmarks for, and analysis of, how you and your competitors are faring across social networks in these areas Simply Measured analyzed 2500 Instagram posts and found that love hearts receive the most engagement per post, followed by Sparkles and artist palette. In fact, emojis have. According to Simply Measured, this post racked up 9,515 Instagram likes, 4,505 Instagram comments and 22 Twitter engagements, for a total of 14,042 engagements

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Simply Measured's Instagram Influencer Report. Simply Measured 2015 Instagram Influencer Report 20 INFLUENCER CATEGORY BREAKDOWN Fashion 7% of the names on this list are models or fashion designers. 100% of those Instagram accounts belong to women, and 5 out of 6 are fashion models, with the one exception being Victoria Beckham Here are the current top 25 brands on Instagram and their follower counts, and a few extras listed below. Special thanks to Simply Measured for their help on some of these Instagram metrics . 1 Simply Measured released the report to coincide with the addition of Instagram analytics to its offerings

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According to a study by Simply Measured, some 70% of Instagram hashtags are of the branded variety. So use your branded hashtag consistently throughout your updates for better results! 8. Use generic hashtags, to Instagram is the fastest growing social network with 150 million users and 40 million photos being uploaded each day according to social analytics company Simply Measured Simply Measured In the report, you can see how effectively your brand is engaging followers, which photos are working, and how your performance is trending. You can use this service if you have an Instagram account with up to 25,000 followers Instagram Report - shows that more people interact with our videos instead of our photos. Also gives a list of our most active commenters. Good to know, so we can interact with them more. Sorta odd - our top day/time for Instagram engagement (according to this report) is Monday morning at 8am! That's when 24% of our comments happen

A recent study by Simply Measured found that 40 percent of Interbrand's top 100 have an Instagram presence. Brands such as MTV, Starbucks, Burberry, Tiffany & Co. and Nike have a huge following with numbers topping or near half a million followers. It makes perfect sense for consumer brands to use Instagram Services like Simply Measured, Iconosquare, and Curalate offer in-depth analytics features for Instagram, including ones that help you track engagement levels and follower growth and even offer insights as to how to better your account Instagram Launches Layout: How Marketers Will Use the New App | Simply Measured My most recent additions on Instagram, hitting the 500 mark this morning. As a designer for one of the leading Social Media Analytics companies, Simply Measured, I have quickly learned there is amazing value in social media's data I read through more than 20 studies on Instagram marketing from companies like Facebook, Simply Measured, and News Whip. Some analyzed the top Instagram accounts while some even studied tens to hundreds of thousands of Instagram posts

PS:Simply Measured 除了可以分析Instagram的数据,还可以分析Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,Linkedin的数据,大家可以去试一下 当然更高级的功能和数据分析是要付费的 Analytics group, Simply Measured, states that 59% of Top Brands are now using Instagram, which is an increase from 54% back in November, and a 9% increase quarter over quarter.Instagram's brand. About Simply Measured Like other data providers, Simply Measured offers a wealth of hidden Instagram analytics that may not be immediately obvious to businesses. The app allows brands to dynamically assess the impact of each of their posts and decisions, so they can change their marketing strategies to cut out choices that negatively impacted. Simply Measured's leading social media analytics provide in-depth measurement and reporting across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and many more Tags: instagram analytics instagram insights free instagram analytics analytics instagram instagram analytics fre Data collected by Simply Measured found that the camera emoji is the most popular to use by brands, with the heart being the most engaging. Skip to content On Instagram, brands' most-used emoji.

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Simply Measured, Inc. was formerly known as Untitled Startup and changed its name to Simply Measured, Inc. in January 2011. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Seattle, Washington. Simply Measured's analytics and reporting capabilities allow brands to track Instagram engagement in-context with other social media campaigns, including: most engaging photos, most engaging. Simply Measured is the leading social media analytics and measurement platform used by brands across the globe to quantify performance, determine impact and derive strategic direction from social media data

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Simply Measured puts Burberry, Tiffany & Co., Audi, Hermes and Gucci at the top of the engagement list. Still, many brands are taking to Instagram and using the photo sharing site to reach new audiences, reports Mashable 40% of top brands use Instagram, love image filters. Today, Seattle-based Simply Measured launched its Instagram analytics tool for both the public, and its enterprise customers Instagram does not have its own analytics dashboard (unless you have a business account), but there are many tools you can use including Iconosquare and Simply Measured. Use the Right Hashtags When a user needs to find something on Instagram, they use hashtags to narrow down their search

According to research by Simply Measured, Instagram posts with at least one hashtag average almost 13% more engagement than those that have no hashtags. But are you using the right ones? Take a look at the hashtags you use regularly and make sure they aren't banned Simply Measured is a cross-platform social media tool used by brands to reduce the manual work involved in creating reports. It incorporates most major social networks and allows you to get competitive insights by tracking the social accounts of similar companies

The following are my absolute favourite tools and apps for Instagram, from the best iPhone editors, to in-depth Instagram analytics, to easy-to-use feed planners. I've included 5 free tools as well as 5 that do cost a bit (but are totally worth it in my opinion), so there's something for everyone. [ 1 ] Analytics. Free: Simply Measured If you want to get granular about your post engagement, Simply Measured delivers the latest on your Instagram insights, allowing you to analyze performance with content type breakdown and custom. At Simply Measured, we've done the analysis and have the cold, hard data to back up all the assumptions you have about the perfect post across 3 major social media networks. Let's dive in and check out what it takes to create this type of post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! 11 Data-Driven Tips to Create Perfect Posts on Social Medi

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Simply Measured is a free Instagram user report tool that lets users to know how effectively their business is using Instagram and engaging on on the platform. It shows which photos are working best and how the performance trending is Simply Measured offers a free user report for users with up to 25,000 followers. This report shows how effective your brand engagement is on Instagram and tracks which photos are the most popular. 3 Instagram Profile Template For Word.pdf Simply Measured Dylan said that her Instagram profile was set to private and all of her followers had been accepted by. The emojis used by Instagram Business Profiles that drive the highest Instagram engagement include: These emojis that can be applicable to almost any caption or comment, so keep these in mind when creating content (Source: Simply Measured ) The annual State of Social Report from Simply Measured is designed to help you understand the current state of social media marketing, discover the latest trends, and to get insights from other best-in-class social marketers

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According to Simply Measured, 80% of Airbnb's Instagram engagement comes from UGC, and they're a great example of [] August 14, 2017 at 5:41 pm Log in to Reply Leave a Reply Cancel Repl Simply Measured conducted a study on how the top 100 brands are using video on Instagram and Vine. They found that Instagram videos had twice the engagement as Instagram photos, and Vine did not even come close to overall Instagram video engagement What is a Branded Instagram Hashtag? One of the best way to get your posts viewed on Instagram is to add hashtags. In fact, according to a study by Simply Measured, posts with at least one Instagram hashtag average 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag

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7 Easy Steps to Grow Ecommerce Sales from Instagram. in your feed by running a free report from Simply Measured: advert can be measured by its Click-Through. Get better with a checkup! The free Instagram analytics checkup from Union Metrics connects with Instagram to analyze the last 30 days of activity on your account, including your posts and engagement from your fans, to give you key insights into how to improve I am going to commit to doing a better job at marketing my business on Instagram. (Simply Measured) 9. Posts with 9 hashtags perform the best, with an. Aside from the pricier options they offer, Simply Measured offers 'freebies' for marketers with smaller businesses or that want to try out the product before committing to a plan. When clicking on the Free Tools tab, you can request different analysis reports from Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , Google+ , Vine , and more

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Most social media channels will give you the number of impressions or reach of your campaign, for a really cool tool to measure Instagram impressions, check out Simply Measured. This chart from the Simply Measured Instagram Hashtag Report identifies one brand's top month for impressions over a given time period Simply Measured - 2211 Elliott Ave, Seattle, Washington 98121 - Rated 4.3 based on 85 Reviews Beware of contracts with this company. Especially limited Instagram.

Simply Measured is the leading social media analytics and measurement platform used by brands across the globe to quantify performance, determine impact and derive strategic direction from social. Simply Measured This is probably the most thorough social media monitoring tool available right now. Not only does it cover Instagram, but Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Vine and Pinterest Simply Measured. Simply Measured offers a detailed user report on your Instagram—all you have to do is follow their Twitter account. Seems like a fair deal, right? This tool is available for anyone with less than 25k followers and provides some serious detail Social Media - Some 86% of brands on the Interbrand 100 list have an account on Instagram as of 3Q14, up from 54% in 2Q12, according to a recent report from Simply Measured A new report from Simply Measured shows that if you aren't on Instagram yet, you're behind. According to their findings, 71 percent of the world's largest brands have gotten on board with Instagram, and for good reason